BetaBots is an exclusive Robotique FIRST Québec’s program as an introduction and training program for teams of students eager for science and technology. Students are exposed to robotics through a strategic challenge about engineering and programming. BetaBots technology uses components from the FIRST Robotics Competition program. BetaBots therefore aims to prepare students and their mentors for the regular FIRST season. The BetaBots program culminates with a BetaBots tournament: an original game proposed to teams where they can compete with their robot for awards, but above all learn while having fun.For 2021-2022, Robotique FIRST Québec offre deux formules et deux jeux BetaBots aux écoles participantes.

For 2021-2022, Robotique FIRST Québec brings two formats, and two BetaBots games, to participating schools. This year’s game is a tribute to the caracter and contribution of legendary Dr Woodie Flowers, who passed away in 2019. Our game is inspired by an activity that Woodie created for his engineering students at MIT in the 80ies

Homage – 2021-2022

The game Homage presented in 2020 is offered again but this time in a traditional face-to-face tournament format. The teams will have to design and program their own BetaBots robot and present it in competition against other teams. Local tournaments will bring together a reduced number of teams from late November to mid December. Judged meetings will be organized. We are also looking for host schools; get along with a few teams in your area and contact us :


For schools that will not be able to travel to a tournament, we offer Homage-Mini. A variation to Tic-Tac-Toe as an intramural event. We will lend for a period of one week two Betabases-Mini as well as the game elements. The field is minimalist, without barriers or carpet. One way to do some robotics and have fun despite everything! Schools can book their Betabots-Mini by email at Equipment loans will begin October 31 through December 18. Two kits available each week.

The standard Betabase and the brand new Betabase Mini !

Juin 7, 2022 @ 15 h 41 min