Festival – FIRST LEGO League


2022 Provincial Finals


Health autorities approval pending.

Raphaël Thibodeau 2017


A Robotique FIRST Québec event in collaboration with Youth Fusion

The FIRST LEGO League Challenge, that’s 2,100 kids from 105 schools or community groups in Quebec. 9-14 year-old students learn STEM having fun within a hands-on approach.
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For the 2021-2022 season, Robotique FIRST Québec is organizing in person closing events for its programs, but without any audience, maximizing student attendance while ensuring safe conditions, respecting the standards in force, and offering a… carrying experience. See the section Instructions to Participants below.

Participants should be aware and accept that photos / videos may be taken during this event in the context of the webcasting of the event, training, documentation and promotion of Robotique FIRST Québec and FIRST programs and activities.

This year, the challenge plunges us into the reality of merchandise distribution. Everyone depends on the transport of goods for their daily needs. As more and more demands load the transportation systems, we will continue to face challenges unless we find new ways or improve existing ways of moving products from place to place.

Innovation – How to improve product transportation? Teams should identify a specific problem related to this theme. Then, they must create or improve an equipment, technology or means of transport to solve this specific problem.

Robotics – The robot designed and programmed by the teams is to deliver goods to different modes of transport or to target locations in the field. It must activate mission models that represent transport safety, efficiency, connectivity and access.

Teams work to stand out by performing and accumulating points in matches with their robot. All teams are also evaluated by a panel of judges and may be receive awards.


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