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The FIRST Robotics Competition program gives high school students and their adult mentors the opportunity to create and work together to solve a common problem. The challenge is to design and build a robot using a standard « kit of parts » and following strict rules, for playing a sophisticated robot game on a theme field. The experience and related responsibilities bring out the best in students and adults. The game changes each year and is always exciting. FIRST Robotics Competition, that is: 4,000 teams, 100,000 students from 35 countries. And in Quebec: 52 teams from 53 high schools and cegeps, 1,600 students (2020 season).

FIRST redefines ‘winning’ by rewarding teams for achievements that are not necessarily acquired on the playing field. Excellence in design, community outreach, gracious professionalism® and the ability to overcome obstacles are all recognized within the program. Winning is secondary to the quality of the overall experience.

If you are looking to build a team in your area, we welcome you and promise to give you all the support, ideas and encouragement you need to succeed!

SIGNIFICANT MEASURED IMPACTS – continuous longitudinal study by Brandeis University

  • 92% of participants express interest in Attending College.
  • 99% of participants show Teamwork Skills increase.
  • 89% of FIRST alumni declare a major in STEM.
  • 59% of FIRST female alumni declare a major in engineering or computer science.

Live the FIRST Robotics Competition experience with students

Teams are composed of students aged 18 and under (high school to Cegep-1), mentors (adult experts and volunteers from different backgrounds) and 2 coaches who supervise the administrative aspects of the team. Each team sets up its structure and organization and must establish, more or less formally, strategies for recruiting and training students and adults, funding and partnerships, communication and marketing, teamwork and deadlines, and finally a competitive game strategy that responds to the identity of the team. Most teams therefore adopt an entrepreneurial model.

In the FIRST Robotics Competition, adults are an integral part of the teams. They ensure that a culture of safety is respected by all, and they ensure the general organization. Mentors are involved as advisors, guides and trainers with students; but they can get involved when required (e.g. safety or liability reasons). Mentors come from various fields of expertise (design, mechanics, machining, electricity, electronics, programming, communications, entrepreneurship, logistics, education and training, health and safety, etc.). The team must learn to deal with the availability of its resources (human, material, financial, etc.)

The 2021-2022 FIRST® FORWARDSM presented by Qualcomm global theme addresses transportation and mobility, both for goods and people. FIRST Robotics Competition teams will play RAPID REACTSM presented by The Boeing Company, and the season official kickoff is set for January 8th, 2022.

Teams are raised, organized and register for the program in September and October. They must choose their upcoming tournament site (s) where they will compete with their robot in Febuary, March or April. Fall and winter are therefore dedicated to funding, technical training for team members and then finally to the design, manufacture, assembly and programming of the team’s robot. The annual game is unveiled to all teams at the beginning of January. The competitive season begins at the end of February and concludes with the FIRST World Championships at the end of April.

The annual initial registration fees cover participation in one regional tournament.


  • Guide about infection prevention: Whatever your learning environment this year, FIRST and Robotique FIRST Quebec offer tips and options to help you engage students in the FIRST experience. These suggestions and options are not prescriptive, and local health and safety regulations and guidelines take precedence. Check out our Guide to COVID-19.
  • Registered teams receive at the beginning of January a kickoff kit of parts which serves as the basis for the construction of a robot. Some items are mandatory and others are optional.
  • Teams have access to additional material through a system of credits and preference lists.
  • Teams have access to a virtual kit (freebies, vouchers, software licenses).
  • Finaly, teams establish their own budget and plan for a long term funding strategy.

  • Students and adults have access to a regional and global community with forums and other platforms for exchange. The network of mentors is the main resource of the teams in terms of expertise.
  • Teams have access to online resources (technical, entrepreneurial, programming, etc.)
  • Robotique FIRST Quebec offers training and advisory services to Quebec teams from a crew of senior technical advisors (in person, remote, live or deferred interventions).
  • FIRST and Robotique FIRST Quebec offer teams some financial support. Certain conditions apply.
  • Teams, including rookies, can participate in the annual (optional) Betabots program which allows them to live, before the official season, the FIRST experience. Rookie teams have access to a Betabase to familiarise with the  technology.

Adapted support

We are able to offer teams support (training, support, advice, follow-up, etc.) adapted to your situation:

  • Face-to-face with the whole team or in sub-groups, when possible.
  • Live remote intervention (synchronous) via calls, video conferences, etc.
  • Online support (asynchronous) via our website, training platform, etc.
  • Hybrid formulas

Formats and costs

Annual team registration fees for the program, payable to (*)

  • $6,000 USD the first year, $5,000 USD for subsequent years

Variable costs (depending on the size and specifics of the team)

  • Purchase / replacement of tools, equipment, software
  • Purchase of robotics parts and raw materials
  • Tournament transportation / accommodation
  • Activity costs (meals for members, celebrations, etc.)

Optional costs

  • Participation in more than one tournament or the FIRST Championship ($ 4000 USD, to be confirmed yet for 2021-2022)
    Participation in unofficial events (Betabots, exhibitions / demonstrations, funding / partnership opportunities, friendly off-seasons, etc.)

(*) The team’s annual registration includes: a kit of robotics parts, access to a virtual kit (credits, freebies (software, e.g.), vouchers, etc.) and participation at one (1) regional competition.

Funding and opportunities

The FIRST Robotics Competition program is presented in an entrepreneurial context. It is understood that teams should establish a sustainable funding strategy which may include:

  • grants applications
  • various fundraising campaigns
  • seeking corporate and community partnerships
  • soliciting sponsorships (in money, equipment, machining or expertise)
  • etc.

Robotique FIRST Québec offer and Financial support

Teams joining the program can apply for financial assistance from FIRST – the New Team Growth Grant managed by FIRST. Teams are thus entitled to a registration credit of $ 4,000 USD (year 1) and $ 2,000 USD (year 2) (to be confirmed for 2021-2022).

In Quebec, teams also have the possibility of obtaining the support from Robotique FIRST Quebec and its partners:

Partnership with Robotique FIRST Quebec: Quebec public school network teams, for an annual cost of $ 4,000, see their annual FIRST registration fee covered by Robotique FIRST Quebec and have access to a minimum operational budget of $ 4,000 for their expenses. Registration fees for teams qualified in Quebec for the FIRST Championship are also covered. Optional participation into the Betabots program and access to the training platform are also covered. Robotique FIRST Quebec’s training and advisory services are included.

Optional Service agreement with Robotique FIRST Quebec: Teams outside the public school network can obtain advantages and services at a cost of $ 1,500.

Finally, Robotique FIRST Québec is setting a financial support program for teams from all robotics programs to help them grow. Details coming in Fall 2021.

See all the details in our 2021-2022 price chart.

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