Tools for educators

The FIRST® educational program has been developed using a project-based learning method. Students acquire knowledge and skills by working towards goals, seeking solutions, and actively engaging with complex issues or problems to be solved. Content is designed to meet STEM-specific learning objectives through linked learning principles. This allows FIRST content to be integrated into an educational process to promote learning in a variety of situations.

Providing relevant and real learning opportunities based on concrete projects can increase student interest and shift the responsibility for learning gains to the students as they work to acquire the knowledge necessary to solve a problem. Strong interest translates into greater motivation to persevere through difficult concepts – a perspective of personal growth, as well as greater knowledge retention due to the connections between rigorous and relevant activities during learning. Connecting to real-world issues, exploring career options, and building technical skills prepare students for their active and responsible future in the 21st century.

All FIRST programs are accessible with great flexibility in their implementation: in the classroom integrated into the learning sequences, in the classroom in a playful context, in an educational setting at home, as an extracurricular activity, and even in a non-scholar context such as youth organizations (youth centers, libraries, businesses, community or cultural groups, etc.)


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Juin 22, 2021 @ 13 h 02 min